Youth Corner

Have you ever been to a summer workshop before? You get to do all these activities, have fun, experience new things and gain new friends but it all ends with your summer. Take some time to imagine what that’s like, however, the end of that summer never comes. The Saint Lucia National Trust Youth Chapter is very similar to that never ending, fun filled, constructive and inspiring workshop. We at the Youth Chapter like any other part of the National Trust strive to protect our island’s natural and built heritage.

We organize fun activities to educate us, the youth of Saint Lucia, and to further stimulate a greater appreciation for our country. Some of our activities include cook outs, turtle watching, beach and roadside clean-ups, as well as tours around the island; just to name a few. We are always happy to accept new members between 17 - 25 years old and so far we have roughly over 30 active members under our belt. We would love to add you to our battalion in keeping our country clean, green and serene, so don’t be shy to join us as soon as possible!

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