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Eco South Tours Inc. was formed by the Saint Lucia National Trust in 2011 to manage and oversee tours within the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area (PSEPA). Eco South Tours Inc. had its genesis in the Sustainable Livelihoods Sub Project of the OECS Protected Areas and Associated Livelihoods Project (OPAAL). It sprang from a specific recommendation made in the Socio-Economic Feasibility Study for the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area.

Eco South Tours include:

  1. Hiking the Mankote Mangrove Trail. The Trail goes through a protected mangrove forest and along the largest pond in Saint Lucia. Well trained guides will share their knowledge of the value of these ecosystems, both culturally and ecologically, as well as help visitors identify the endemic and migratory bird species that frequent the mangrove and pond.
  2. Tours of the Maria Islands Nature Reserve that begins with a boat ride from the Anse du Sable beach to Maria Major, followed by a trek up to the highest point on the island, where one may enjoy panoramic views of the south of Saint Lucia. The endemic Whiptail Lizard is a common sight along the trail.
  3. A Native Fishing Tour that offers patrons a half day fishing experience going out with local fishers on their pirogues and participating in forms of traditional fishing.
  4. Handicraft production, demonstration and sales. Visitors will not only have the opportunity to purchase craft made from items found within the Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area, but will also have the chance to view and participate in the production of these items.
  5. Horse-back riding along the Mankote Mangrove trail, Pointe Sable Beach, Bois Chadon and Moule-a-Chique
  6. A demonstration of the sea-moss harvesting process at the Bois Chadon beach. You will also be treated to a nice drink made out of sea-moss.

More Information on tours to the various Eco-South Tours sites can be obtained through the Eco-South Tours sales desk at the Maria Islands Interpretation Centre, Anse du Sable, Vieux-Fort. Please call: 454-5014 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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