Pointe Sables Environmental Protection Area

The Pointe Sable Environmental Protection Area (PSEPA) is a coastal strip in the south of Saint Lucia which extends from Moule-a-Chique to Pointe de Caille, just north of Savannes Bay. This 1038 hectare site was designated an environmental protection area under the Physical Planning and Development Act of 2001 in August 2007. The PSEPA was also a demonstration site for Saint Lucia under the OECS Protected Areas and Associated Livelihoods Project (OPAAL) which officially ended in July 2011.

The Pointe Sable area is replete with natural, cultural and historical assets worthy of conservation, sustainable use and protection, depending on which of the assets we refer to. The Maria Islands are a treasure throve in and of themselves with their amazing flora and fauna, some of which, such as the much talked about kouwess snake and the St. Lucia Whiptail Lizard which bears the same colours of the Saint Lucia national flag are endemic to the island itself. From the top of Moule-a-Chique, one can get a panoramic and breath-taking view of the south of Saint Lucia.

The PSEPA also possesses the largest basin like mangrove in Saint Lucia known as the Mankote Mangrove. This mangrove is home to a variety of flora and fauna, in particular seventeen (17) species of fish. It is also a marine reserve and is declared as a wetland of significant value under the RAMSAR convention of 2002. Savannes Bay, which is adjacent to Mankote Mangrove is a major fish landing site in Saint Lucia and is noted for producing the largest volume of lobster in the island. The PSEPA also includes large areas of seagrass beds and various types of coral reef. There are several resource users, namely, seamoss producers, fishers, charcoal producers, horse-back riders, crafters, tour guides and operators of soft adventure activities such as kayakers, windsurfers and divers . who make their livelihoods from the resources within the PSEPA

It is definitely an amazing area well worth experiencing.

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