Morne Pavillon Nature Reserve

The designated 18-acre Morne Pavillon site has a rich and interesting history as part of what is now the 3000-acre highly developed Cap Estate area.

The name of the site is derived from the time (1700 period) when the French Civil Commandant, Baron de Longueville developed a cotton plantation at the northern end of St. Lucia and planted his flag on the Morne Pavilon area: He also built a port at nearby Anse Becune

Prior to the establishment of the current Cap Estate, the property belonged to the Floissac family, who leased a major portion of Cap to the U.S. government in 1942 for the construction and operation of a military base on upper Cap, including a two x 155mm shore battery and supporting structures with over 200 men.

This initiative was undertaken due to German submarine presence in the Caribbean and the sinking of two ships in Castries harbor.

The facility was installed to protect the US Air Base at Reduit and St Lucia from possible invasion and use of Martinique by German submarines.

When the war situation became focused on Europe, the base was eventually determined to be unnecessary and was evacuated in April 1943.

The land was returned to the Floissac family who sold it to Col. Harrison in about 1956 who had intended to establish a cattle ranch and an up-market residential estate. After his death it was sold to a syndicate who began development of the 3000 acre Cap Estate.

The 18-acre Morne Pavillon site at the top of Cap Estate was sold to Herbert Lutz in 1966 who made an effort to build a vacation home on the site. The home was never completed and when Mr. Lutz died in 1983, his son Christopher Lutz of Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA inherited the property.

Following the loss of the adjacent green belt to development of Mount du Cap in early 2002, a group of interested Saint Lucians and Cap residents collaborated to initiate an effort to preserve the Morne Pavillon site. This effort resulted in the decision by Christopher Lutz to donate the property to the Saint Lucia National Trust for a Nature Reserve and Heritage site. This effort was successfully concluded in December 2010.

The group of residents who initiated the discussions with Mr. Lutz have formed a group called Friends of Morne Pavillon, and continue to collaborate with the Trust to help develop and manage the property.

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