Wildlife Wednesday - White Breasted Thrasher

- Written by St Lucia National Trust

The Saint Lucia White Breasted, Thrasher Ramphocinclus brachyurus, locally called Goj blanc, is now red listed as an Endangered Species, meaning there is a very high risk of extinction in the wild. The majority of the dry forest lands which form its only habitat are privately owned, mostly not managed and under threat of development. In recent years, in the highest density area of the Thrasher, there has been a sharp increase in unsustainable practices like the removal of tree species used by the bird for nesting and food.

As part of addressing these issues, a project was implemented by Murlina Murray the Programme Assistant/Conservation at the Saint Lucia National Trust. Several activities have been organized to promote the public awareness of the Saint Lucia White Breasted Thrasher and the threats to its habitat. Some of these activities include; administering questionnaires in the communities of Praslin and Dennery, preparation of brochures, creating models of the thrasher and Lorax Environmental Club Activities.

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