Trail Maintenance at Maria Island

- Written by St Lucia National Trust

On October 2nd the SLNT Team cleared the trails at Maria Major. Even when using weed eaters or raking we have to remain extremely vigilant at this Nature Reserve. On the day in question, thanks to the very watchful eyes of our Grounds and Maintenance Officers, Alexander Paul and Elijah Joseph, we spotted scaly nape pigeon hatchlings and eggs in two nests on the ground. With the weed eater being used in the extremely tall grass along the trail, that was great spotting by Alexander. We used the freshly cut grass to create a perfect buffer around the nest further protecting the chicks. Elijah on the other hand spotted two eggs in an area where the prickly cactus was being trimmed. Along the way up the trail we spotted two male whiptails/“big blue” as we call them on our biosecurity checks on the islands; it was a heavily overcast day so many of the reptiles were not out to bask.

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