Newsletter April to June 2014

- Written by National Trust

The Saint Lucia Racer: A small creature with big plans and a promising future

The Saint Lucia Racer is truly a unique natural heritage because among other reasons, it is one of four endemic snakes found on the island. The Saint Lucia Racer is also known as the Liophis ornatus and is scientifically referred to as the Erythrolamprus ornatus. In recent times, it assumed the title of the ‘World’s Known Rarest Snake’ and has since been in the spotlight internationally, captivating the minds of conservationists worldwide. In 1936 the racer was considered extinct, but thanks to our nature reserve Maria Major, a racer was able to survive and was re-discovered in 1973. The Saint Lucia racer is currently classified as an endangered species on IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

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